First Time

So how do I begin my very first blog? What should i write to get my reader’s attention? Not much I guess, coz by now you are probably reading the third sentence i wrote and finding it in you that you are interested what the next paragraph would be all about. Ha!

I think a brief introduction would be the best thing to do. I wanna believe that the readers would like to know me. Below you will find a list of stuff about me, what I hate, what I love, who I am, a few things I believe to live by, and my hopes and dreams.

I want to do what most people would hate to do – gain weight!
I am a great mom and my dog can attest to that
I love to write, but I always find it hard to start – don’t we all?
I believe that you can leave me inside a grocery or a craft store for a day and it wouldn’t be enought still – weirdness
I love my husband and I love our dog, no doubt about the dog! – Bwahaha!
I like taking pictures and I’m gonna be good at it!
I used to hate baking, but now I am selling my homemade cheesecake to my coworkers
I enjoy the beach, but I do not know how to swim; I just appreciate the scenery.
I think that being weird is another form of being original
and being stupid is being stupid (no excuse for that)
I believe that the words ” I love you ” can never be overused contrary to what others believed that saying it too often makes it lose its meaning.
I could go on and on and make the list endless, but i will save the rest for the other days.


Thank you to my loving husband, RJ Malacas for setting this up for me.  I love u baby!!!